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Quotes By Doc Journal: A Companion Guide

The primary purpose of this journal is to help you achieve success, build healthy relationships, and enhance your life. Use this journal as a guide to free up your mind so that you can experience freedom in all areas of your life. As you strive to create the life that you desire be sure to note your wins, loses and everything in between. That way you will be better prepared to succeed.

The benefit of this guided journal is that it will enable you to examine your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, which in return will help you assess how you are showing up in your relationships, marriage, career, and life in general.

By joining Dr. Buckingham on this self-empowerment journey, you will become a healthier and more successful version of you.


To get maximum benefit from this journal, please visit www.quotesbydoc.com and purchase Quotes By Doc. There are more than 700 quotes listed inside of the book.

Step 1: Select and write several quotes from Quotes By Doc and answer the following questions:

1) Why am I inspired by these quotes?
2) Am I motivated to take action to put the quotes to use in my life? Why or Why Not?
3) What resources do I need to make the changes I desire in my life?
4) What step (s) can I take today to manifest the quotes in my life?

Step 2: Answer these questions:

1) What am I grateful for today? (Give 5 meaningful examples)
2) What are the top 3 tasks I need to accomplish today?
3) What goals am I currently working towards?
4) How do I want to better myself today?

Step 3: Write your own 3 quotes.

Step 4: Write how you plan to grow in various areas.

As you journey down the road of self-empowerment, please remember that “Knowledge is not power; the application of knowledge is power.”


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