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Quote 1.

“You Can Add Value and Meaning to My Life, But You Cannot Add Drama and Stress”.

Quote 2.

“A Better Me Equals A Better Us”.

Quote 3.

“You Bounce Back, I Bounce Forward”.

Quote 4.

“Get Fired Up about Your Future Because It Is Not Tainted Like Your Past”.

Quote 5.

“Sacrifice Your Ego Not Your Marriage”.

Quote 6.

“Love Me or Leave Me Because Abuse Is Not an Option”.

Quote 7.

“Love Me or Leave Me Because Abuse Is Not an Option”.

Quote 8.

“Resilient People Find Solutions In Problems. In Contrast, Troubled People Find Problems in Every Solution”.

Quote 9.

“Created To Win, Conditioned To Lose”.

Quote 10.

“Your Birth Status Does Not Determine Your Life Status”.

Quote 11.

“I Was Created to Win”.

Quote 12.

“You Are What You Breathe, Breathe Confidence”.

Quote 13.

“Faith and Fear Do Not Mix, Choose One”.

Quote 14.

“Love Me For Me, Not Who You Want Me to Be”.

Quote 15.

“Marriage is Not a Fairytale, But A tale Worth Telling”. 

Quote 16.

“A Vision Without a Plan is Wishful Thinking”.

Quote 17.

“I Do Not Accept Limitations Because I Accept God”.

Quote 18.

“You Can’t Run From Your Destiny, But You Can Mess It Up”.

Quote 19.

“If I Did Not Know God, I Would Not Know Victory”.

Quote 20.

“Doubt Is A Thief of Success”.

Quote 21.

“If My Confidence Threatens You, You Should Change Because I am Not Changing Me”.

Quote 22.

“You Cannot Run From Demons in Your Head Because They Show Up in Your Life”.

Quote 23.

“The key to a promising future is the release of a troubled past”.

Quote 24.

“I Have 99 Problems, But Loving Myself is Not One of Them”.

Quote 25.

“Success is Not Pain Proof. More Money, Same Pain”.

Quote 26.

“It is impossible to win battles created in other people’s minds if you cannot win battles created in your own mind”.

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